Plega Luz 2010-2011

Redelta´t is a reinterpret project about the product of Premio DELTA, Premio Delta celebrat 50 anniversary in 2010. They are selected 12 young designer for this project.
Plega luz is a communicative object, fisically is an analog lantern that is reinterpreted Cenicero Cophenhagen of Andre Ricard who is the 1st generation of design industrial in Barcelona, Cataluña.
Plega luz reinterpret shape of empty space about the cenicero Cophenhagen, it has two empty space and one sold material. Plega luz playing with two empty space and superficial material that make one more empty space, 3 empty space do communication throught the candle light.


cenicero cophenhagen_André Ricard
: cenicero cophenhagen_André Ricard