My Cinderella Dream is a story of Due Filo branding.
We are focused on the beauty.
How can we change or convert the general things to beautiful things?
This is our question to do branding design.

Due Filo is a handmade hats and bags store in Sungbuk-dong, seoul, Korea.
Hats and bags such a great item change or convert the general fashion to beautiful fashion that give us great impact and give us great symbol to each person.
So we were looking for materials that can give an influence to the space.
We found two great general materials at space before in this shop such as old window frame and mosquito net then we are trying to change them to beautiful object.
The old window frame is changed to huge vertical mirror and mosquito net is changed to beautiful lighting.
We put them entrence place to give customer elegante, coziness.
We are trying to use general color (white, grey, navy) and copper.
And we trying to make useful space between customer and owner.

We work based on these five keywords : elegant, calm, illusion, beauty, Cinderella.














 2012 ⓒoedesignstudio
: 2012 ⓒoedesignstudio